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IELA Reload: 11 weeks, 24 live sessions, 48.350 minutes heightening resilience


IELA’s recovery programme IELA Reload was a real Incubator of ideas for the future, spreading the fighting spirit to empower IELA members to succeed in the New Now, anticipating & rebounding by limiting losses and boosting strengths in profitable service areas. Launched on May 4th 2020, the programme had four pillars: E-Learning sessions – Regional IELA Talks – Recovery Talks and Rediscover of Tools.


The IELA Talks focused firstly on the situation of members by region, moving then to the next step of the comprehensive global industry approach by addressing the most important current topic: Winning Confidence Back. IELA invited key industry partners to join, participate and exchange on their experience and possible solutions strategies. IELA held these regional talks to reinforce the connection between stakeholders of the industry and its partners. By giving a voice to all concerned, considerable local awareness can be boosted to identify viable solutions during this critical time. The general outcome:
-          Communication between Venues, Organisers and Logistics Suppliers is paramount for safe & secure shows.
-          Collaboration is the major tool in combatting Covid-19.
-          A united front is imperative in order to bring the industry out stronger than ever from this crisis.
The ten Recovery Talks highlighted particular content to support the IELA membership in implementing successful and effective business measures in order to navigate through the shutdown and rebound periods. The goal of IELA was not only to overcome this global health and economic crisis as a unified association, but to emerge from the experience even stronger than before and with greater solidarity from both an individual perspective as well as with regard to its network.
Sandi Trotter, TWI Group Inc. (Canada), Canada, IELA Reload Global Brainstorming Captain, resumed “The IELA Reload programme provides us with energy and positivity and promotes us all to take whatever action we can in these times.  Providing education, information sharing and support.  There is no definitive recipe for this unprecedented situation, but together we are working to make a difference and come back stronger.”

Our industry is fully prepared and ready for September. Trade shows are safe places and act as motors to boost economic recovery. Very important is that trade shows have been officially differentiated from general mass events and mass gatherings. It is now clear that exhibitions are controllable happenings overseen by responsible professionals. With strict sanitary protocols in place and all partners collaborating closer than ever before, the restart is now dependent on developments with travel bans and the pandemic evolution in the next weeks/months.
With the goal in mind of emerging from this experience even stronger than before and with greater solidarity from both an individual perspective as well as with regard to its network, IELA will continue to accompany its members closely and reinforce its IELA Reload programme. Each member has their own strengths and market characteristics and is responsible for adapting and extending their strategic approach to find a tailor-made business solution according to their needs. Keeping updated and exchanging information on a regular basis will be key in the decision-making process. IELA Reload Brainstorming sessions and discussions, together with extensive research information being made available, will support members in tackling the next stages in the economic rebound which is approaching and maybe just around the corner.
Based on the impressive level of positive feedback from the entire industry and the fact that 99% of the members who participated in the first edition of IELA Reload requested to continue with this invigorating members-only benefit tool, IELA will therefore return with a second edition of the programme after the holiday season. As an association, IELA looks forward to witnessing once again the dynamism and adaptability of its members who have proven that working as a united force can act as a tool to help overcome tough situations by encouraging a solution-oriented environment.


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