TFI Issue 2/2017

Trade Fairs International Ausgabe 2/2017
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  • UFI in Cologne: It's time to look ahead
  • IMEX / Congresses: Focus on a talking point
  • Congresses & Conventions: Spaces that create a bond
  • Congresses & Conventions: Latest Meeting & Event Barometer
  • Digital trade fairs & Congresses: More efficient, more time to talk
  • German international business: From Hanover to the Far East
  • German fairs abroad: Decade of success in China
  • Expo 2017: Future energy


  • Italy: Growing in beauty
  • Hungary: Landing the big fish
  • Qatar: In line with the national vision
  • Malaysia: New and upgraded facilities
  • Singapore: The lives of others
  • Thailand: Setting the standard for the region
  • Hong Kong: Boost for the local economy
  • Hong Kong: Art of offering a great experience 
  • China: Exhibitors expect higher standards
  • Taiwan: Kaohsiung reinventing itself
  • Korea: Aiming for internationalisation
  • South Africa: Heli-golfing and wildlife
  • South Africa: Durban ICC turns 20
  • South Africa: A fusion of stone, steel and glass


  • Trade fair logistics: IELA meeting up in Prague
  • Trade fair logistics: What moves the transport industry
  • TFI-Know-how: What are the visions in exhibition logistics?
  • Trade fair logistics: Structure and decongest traffic
  • Trade fair logistics: Mission possible: Operation Goa
  • Trade fair logistics: Well over 300 trucks
  • Trade fair logistics: Green mobility solutions
  • IFES World Summit: Back to the future on campus
  • International stand design: The modular principle
  • Stand construction suppliers: No off-the-peg solutions
  • Euroshop 2017: Trend-setting and inspirational 
  • Euroshop 2017: Finger on the market's pulse
  • Euroshop 2017: Striking a chord with visitors


  • IELA News
  • IFES News
  • Service-Partner
  • Backstage
  • Imprint

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  • How can exhibitors cut costs?

    How can exhibitors cut costs?

    Exhibiting at a traded fair always involves certain risks, as the costs are rather high compared to other marketing measures. Below we have compiled some factors that can significantly lower the expense.

  • What are the visions in exhibition logistics?

    What are the visions in exhibition logistics?

    Four areas will have an even stronger impact on the industry and lead to changes that are – in some cases - profound.

  • How can fear of terrorism be overcome at events?

    How can fear of terrorism be overcome at events?

    Terrorist attacks or killing sprees are now being reported so widely around the world that nobody can fail to notice them. But why do we feel more afraid after major attacks, in particular, and what can we do about it?