TFI Issue 5/2015

Trade Fairs International Ausgabe 5/2015
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  • 90 years of UFI: Back to the future
  • UFI in South Africa: The congress goes to Joburg
  • IELA turns 30: Experts for trade fair and event logistics
  • IFES World Summit 2015: A birthday congress in Vienna
  • International venues: Where the sun shines


  • Italy: Business gets boost from abroad
  • Italy: Vitamins for Fiera Bolzano
  • Scandinavia: Looking north for a lead in bioenergy
  • Russia: Keep calm and exhibit
  • Turkey: Izmir: 300 days of sunshine
  • Turkey: New large exposition center: fuarizmir
  • Turkey: Istanbul increasingly in the spotlight
  • Turkey: Much optimism but with some concerns
  • Abu Dhabi: A key factor for the economy
  • Sharjah: The stuff of visions
  • Malaysia: Wooing foreign business people
  • Indonesia: One attraction richer
  • Singapore: The lions are coming home
  • Thailand: Six measures for trust
  • Hong Kong: Seeking a total experience
  • Hong Kong: The billion-strong markets of building and ecology
  • Hong Kong: Double-digit growth continues
  • China: Treating the situation as an opportunity
  • Japan: Big Sight becomes even bigger
  • India: “Right now we have healthy growth”
  • TFI-Know-how: What do you need for a successful fair presence in India?



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  • How can exhibitors cut costs?

    How can exhibitors cut costs?

    Exhibiting at a traded fair always involves certain risks, as the costs are rather high compared to other marketing measures. Below we have compiled some factors that can significantly lower the expense.

  • What are the visions in exhibition logistics?

    What are the visions in exhibition logistics?

    Four areas will have an even stronger impact on the industry and lead to changes that are – in some cases - profound.

  • How can fear of terrorism be overcome at events?

    How can fear of terrorism be overcome at events?

    Terrorist attacks or killing sprees are now being reported so widely around the world that nobody can fail to notice them. But why do we feel more afraid after major attacks, in particular, and what can we do about it?