TFI Issue 2/2013



  • Russia: From Russia with love
  • Russia: Ratings for trade fairs
  • Russia: One year to opening
  • Southeast Asia: Profiting from strong growth
  • Thailand: From rice field to international stage
  • Singapore: Chinese spur business
  • India: Two photographs of an exhibition ground
  • Hong Kong: Success story despite space constraints
  • Hong Kong: Further growth of 20 percent
  • Macao: Prosperity every half hour
  • China: Coordinated traffic
  • Korea: Major events in the offing
  • Sharjah: Trade fairs playing a key role



  • Service-Partner
  • Backstage
  • Imprint

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  • How can you capture trade fair leads digitally?

    How can you capture trade fair leads digitally?

    In the trade fair world data is in most cases still collected on first contact with potential customers - or leads - by manual methods. This can mean that significant data is only captured incompletely or not at all.