TFI Issue 2/2016

Trade Fairs International Ausgabe 2/2016
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  • German fairs abroad: "We will be a repeat offender"
  • German fairs abroad: Expertise in a core segment
  • Imex / Congresses: Finger always on the pulse
  • Congresses: Meetings under Table Mountain
  • Congresses: Setting the pace for further growth
  • Congresses: Stand designers converging on Istanbul


  • Russia: Mobilising mid-tier business
  • Russia: Positive and not so positive signals
  • India: Three decades with the Rogers Family
  • Singapore: The very best medicine
  • Thailand: 3 dimensions to drive growth
  • Malaysia: Rising star for meetings
  • Indonesia: Praise and enquiries in spades
  • Hong Kong: Bird's "new feathers"
  • Hong Kong: Event convergence
  • Hong Kong: From jewellery to gems by bus
  • China: Growth in the top tier
  • China: First acid test
  • Korea: A very busy year
  • TFI-Know-how: What helps to bring success at Japanese trade fairs?



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  • How can exhibitors cut costs?

    How can exhibitors cut costs?

    Exhibiting at a traded fair always involves certain risks, as the costs are rather high compared to other marketing measures. Below we have compiled some factors that can significantly lower the expense.

  • What are the visions in exhibition logistics?

    What are the visions in exhibition logistics?

    Four areas will have an even stronger impact on the industry and lead to changes that are – in some cases - profound.

  • How can fear of terrorism be overcome at events?

    How can fear of terrorism be overcome at events?

    Terrorist attacks or killing sprees are now being reported so widely around the world that nobody can fail to notice them. But why do we feel more afraid after major attacks, in particular, and what can we do about it?