TFI Issue 2/2019

Trade Fairs International Ausgabe 2/2019
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  • Hungary: More space for more events
  • Qatar: Outlook remains bright
  • India: Catalysing the country’s growth
  • India: Significant changes
  • India: Igniting a fire of fairs
  • Hong Kong: Less plastic, greater incentives
  • Hong Kong: Where are the opportunities and risks?
  • Hong Kong: Committed to a good cause
  • South Africa: Major factor for the country
  • South Africa: Ask the experts
  • South Africa: Impetus from the engine room
  • South Africa: Blessing for local businesses
  • South Africa: Reusing and upcycling
  • China: Reaching for the stars
  • China: The value of just listening
  • Malaysia: More trade fairs, more options
  • Philippines: Well-timed move
  • Japan: Above us only sky


  • Trade fair logistics: Transporting green ideas
  • Trade fair logistics: Portal for organisers and exhibitors
  • Trade fair logistics: Desert-sky spectacular
  • Trade fair logistics: Trade hurdles beyond the EU’s borders
  • Trade fair logistics: Managers of time and materials
  • International stand design: Activating local resources
  • International stand design: A gem among the stands
  • Stand construction suppliers: Wonderful worlds
  • Stand construction suppliers: Freedom of form and design
  • Stand construction suppliers: Shining example at Bauma


  • IFES News
  • IELA News
  • Service-Partner
  • Backstage / Imprint

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