How can you capture trade fair leads digitally?

In the trade fair world data is in most cases still collected on first contact with potential customers - or leads - by manual methods. This can mean that significant data is only captured incompletely or not at all. Due to advances in digitisation lead capture at trade fairs is becoming increasingly important. The Atlex LeadRadar app for iPhone and iPad now offers a solution. It allows you to capture, manage and process contacts at trade fairs digitally and efficiently. 

Photo: Pasquale de Sapio
Photo: Pasquale de Sapio

Pasquale De Sapio
Executive Director
Zuzwil SG / Switzerland

Using mobile communication tools
Tablets and smartphones have become indispensable for stand personnel at trade fairs and events. Most sales staff already use these devices on a day-to-day basis. The LeadRadar app follows a user and process-oriented approach with an easy-to-use capture process.

CD and workflow customisation
Together with the content management system, the solution can be fully adapted to the exhibitor's own corporate design. Multiple individual forms can be created and prepared for an optimum lead generation process. If users have any questions or need help creating a form, they can contact the provider using the support form.

Focus on dialogue
You can use the app intuitively while talking to the customer. Stand personnel can focus entirely on interacting with the customer at all times without being distracted by collecting data. Apart from facilitating data collection, errors during capture are reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to freely configurable form fields within the app. 

With LeadRadar, visitor data can be captured easily and efficiently at any time. (Photo: Atlex)
With LeadRadar, visitor data can be captured easily and efficiently at any time. (Photo: Atlex)

Unique features
Because LeadRadar was developed for trade show attendees, the app has some unique features. An integrated OCR scanner reads the contact data directly from the business card and digitises it. The lead sheet can be individually adapted to exhibitor needs. You can also easily create other forms such as for competitions or ordering brochures.

Offline or online
LeadRadar works both online and offline to capture visitor data conveniently and efficiently at any time and in any place. All data is securely saved to the device until the user connects to the Internet again.

Easy data processing 
Trade fair activities can be viewed at any time and are always up-to-date. After the trade show, data can be analysed and further processed in Excel as a CSV data export at the touch of a button. Digital capture means that no information is lost during data transmission. The data collected via the app is transferred to a personal, password-protected account and can be exported and imported into a standard customer relations management system for further processing. But a convenient import is also guaranteed.

Individual plans
LeadRadar offers a variety of plans. The exhibitor can choose his or her “own” plan and its duration. The one-month plan already pays off for a single trade fair participation. But a full-year plan is also available, which makes sense for companies who exhibit more frequently. The app can be downloaded in iTunes. You can also request a free trial on the website. The application is currently available as an iOS app in iTunes. An Android version is also in the works.

This article was published in TFI issue 4/2018


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