What possibilities of promotion do exhibitors have at a trade fair?

Exhibitors can generate additional attention on-site not only beforehand, but also during an exhibition.   

Photo: Michaela Griep
Photo: Michaela Griep

Expert: Michaela Griep

Favourite measures 

At strong marketing exhibitions such as the “embedded world”, where exhibitors dispose of large advertising budgets, so-called “walking acts” are very much in vogue. They feature a person, who becomes the advertising space and draws attention to the exhibiting firm by means of a costume or sign. In contrast, exhibitors at other major trade fairs, such as “fensterbau/frontale”, like to book exclusive advertising measures, which are available to only a single firm each time. The catalogue of exclusive advertising measures includes lanyards for entrance tickets or advertising on the backs of such tickets. They also include large advertising banners for the fairground parking garage or a zeppelin that floats in the lobby.   

Distributing brochures 

The distribution of brochures on the fairground is generally only permitted in exceptional cases, since over-stimulus should be avoided here. Too much distributed material is thrown away without having been read anyway and not taken into account by visitors.

Mini zeppelin as a high-flying advertising space for the visitors of the embedded world show. (Photo: NürnbergMesse)
Mini zeppelin as a high-flying advertising space for the visitors of the embedded world show. (Photo: NürnbergMesse)

Live actions at the stand 

Exhibitors are allowed to organise front moderation as well as a variety of live demonstrations at their exhibition stand, as long as these abide by the applicable technical guidelines. In such cases the protection of the neighbour has to be adhered to. Thus, the maximum decibel level at the stand’s perimeter is clearly defined. In addition, further safety measures are applicable, among them those related to fire protection and keeping escape routes free. Live demonstrations at the exhibition stand are normally only then allowed when they do not represent a danger for the persons at the stand.   

Advertising possibilities 

The NürnbergMesse offers a select portfolio of advertising measures, which can be booked for the interior as well as for outside the fairground. Particularly small companies with a limited budget can profit from traditional sign advertising, which for example surround the parking area. The mid-range price budget includes advertising measures such as floor signs, city light signs, or printed napkins, which are placed in the fairground’s food areas. Special advertising measures such as a “walking act” or footprints on the fairground floor, which exhibitors can design as they wish, are available in a limited number – in order for the measures to stand out clearly. The NürnbergMesse usually allots one permission per exhibition hall.

Success rate 

That these advertising measures are successful is demonstrated by the repeated orders for them: Approximately three quarters of our exhibitors book previous measures again. Interest in exclusive advertising measures is particularly strong, which exhibitors like to reserve for the next event. In order for the possibilities of booking a certain measure are equally available to all firms, the principle of “first come – first served” applies.   


NürnbergMesse imposes various restrictions on the content allowed on signs. For example, they cannot refer to competing events or include product prices or overtly revealing images. Moreover, NürnbergMesse reviews motifs that could be socially critical. This applies for example to the IWA & Outdoor Classics exhibition, where the kind of depiction (including of hunting weapons) is checked.   

Special wishes 

In general, the MesseService at NürnbergMesse attempts to implement special wishes and ideas from exhibitors for unusual promotion measures. Thus, inflatable pumpkins were employed during the BioFach or special vehicles such as advertising lorries appeared at diverse events.


This article was published in TFI issue 1/2013


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