International exhibition stand construction: Being sensitive to the local culture

The Airbus Group presents itself with a uniform corporate design throughout the world – but also adds local elements with the help of Bruns Messebau.

Airbus in Abu Dhabi: One of two lounges featured Arabian-style furniture, colours, images and ornaments. (Photo: Bruns)
Airbus in Abu Dhabi: One of two lounges featured Arabian-style furniture, colours, images and ornaments. (Photo: Bruns)

At Idex 2015, a security and defence trade fair held in Abu Dhabi, the group presented itself at a 225 square metre exhibition stand with exhibits that included models of helicopters and other aircraft as well as special camera systems and radar technology. In addition to these exhibits, a large split-screen video wall also drew the attention of visitors. Two very different lounges encouraged guests to sit down and talk: one with a modern, international look and feel and the other with Arabic furnishings, colours, paintings and ornaments. It was the Airbus Group’s way of trying to accommodate and adapt to the local culture.

Bruns Messebau is one of the Airbus Group’s preferred partners and has helped to present the group at around 20 events around the world since 2012. The Airbus Group’s lookbook defines the essential design elements and colouring, but every stand design is unique, not least due to changing requirements in terms of product placement. Cross-border cooperation is key when the customer’s wishes have to be taken into account at very short notice. Bruns realised the design together with a partner company based in the United Arab Emirates, which made additional components for the stand.

Bruns Messebau has served Airbus as a customer at around 20 events world-wide since 2012. (Photo: Bruns)
Bruns Messebau has served Airbus as a customer at around 20 events world-wide since 2012. (Photo: Bruns)

The UAE is a major event host. At the end of last year’s trade fair season, Bruns created the 400 square metre AMG/Mercedes Benz pavilion for the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on an open-air site, completing it within only four weeks of the contract being awarded. In addition to the stands the company built for the Airbus Group and Daimler at Idex 2015 in Abu Dhabi, it also created 43 further stands at the German pavilion, amounting to a total of 1,920 square metres of exhibition space (


More and more international business

Photo: Werner Frommberger
Photo: Werner Frommberger

Werner Frommberger, managing partner of Munich-based company Bruns Messe- und Ausstellungsgestaltung.

What role does international business play at Bruns?
Since the company was founded around 35 years ago, international orders have accounted for an increasingly large share of our business and now outweigh domestic orders. We do around 60 percent of our business with German customers abroad. In every continent except for Antarctica.

Is more of that business in Europe or overseas?
About 40 percent is European business, while 60 percent is overseas. There are slight fluctuations from one year to the next, however, because some major trade fairs are only held every two years, for example.

How does Bruns ensure that companies are supported as well as possible locally?
Exhibition stand construction companies have to be able to operate all over the world as well. We have had well-established relationships with first-rate companies around the world for years. They are, of course, well-acquainted with the rules, regulations and peculiarities of their own countries. We also have a stake in a Canadian service provider, which allows us to cover the North American market. It goes without saying that our international and overseas project team also provides personal support to our customers when they are abroad. 


Author: Jens Kügler

This article was published in TFI issue 2/2015


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