Stand construction systems: Light revolution

Today, virtually all trade fair booths are lit by bright, modern, economical LED lights. Systems are becoming more complex, simple and attractive.

Photo: Aluvision
Photo: Aluvision

The latest innovation by Aluvision from Deinze, Belgium, is the 55 P2 LED tile: “With this illuminated tile, stand builders can create sophisticated, seamless high-tech LED walls in no time at all,” explains Nathalie Vandeweerdt, International Sales Manager at Aluvision. “Like every Aluvision module, the new LED tile is unique in its design and quality – but user-friendly and easy to install.” With a thickness of only 55 millimetres, the 55 P2 is currently the thinnest solution for integrated LED walls on the market – says Aluvision. It enables you to create walls without visible transitions or contours on the surface. In addition, it can be freely combined with LED panels and illuminated fabric walls to create surfaces that always look smooth. 

Thanks to its unique thinness and modular dimensions of 496 x 496 millimetres the LED tile is perfectly compatible with the Aluvision frame system and offers a wide range of options. “LED tile 55 P2 boasts not only a revolutionary design but also an amazing image quality,” says Nathalie Vandeweerdt. “It provides ultrasharp images down to the tiniest detail. An extraordinary pixel pitch of 2.8 millimetres guarantees a breath-taking quality,” adds the Sales Manager. Not so long ago Aluvision introduced its Poly-55 bright lightbox. Also 55 millimetres thick, the single-sided lightbox has the same depth as the Aluvision Omni-55 wall frames. Therefore it fits in perfectly with the system walls. The slim lightbox is backlit by specially developed LEDs, which are designed to avoid any hotspots or shading around the edges of the lightbox. Thanks to an integrated threaded channel along the profile the lightbox can be connected with adjacent wall frames without using any tools (

Award-winning: the world’s first system-integrated LED wall according to beMatrix. (Photo: beMatrix)
Award-winning: the world’s first system-integrated LED wall according to beMatrix. (Photo: beMatrix)

And the winner is: beMatrix! The Belgian company received the Red Dot Award Product Design 2017 for its new LEDskin product. The jury picked the beMatrix system from among more than 5,500 entries from 54 countries, confirming the high design quality and cost-effectiveness of the product. LEDskin is an LED panel with a size of 496 x 496 millimetres and a thickness of 62 millimetres - making it the world's first system-integrated LED wall, according to beMatrix. The new product fits in perfectly and seamlessly with beMatrix b62 frame systems, enabling you to combine any number of units. It can be used to create any design – be it a smooth wall, mosaic or banner. LEDskin is ultralight and easy to set up and dismantle without any tools. Cover clips enable a clean edge finish. 

The LEDs are powered by a high-end control system. Despite being its thickness of only 62 millimetres all cables can be hidden inside the unit. The back can be covered by fabric or panels. Stefaan Decroos, CEO of beMatrix, is delighted with this victory: “We are thrilled with this prestigious award. Innovation and trendsetting is in our DNA and has made beMatrix a genuine trendsetter in the international stand building world.” In 2013 beMatrix already won the Red Dot Design Award for its b62 matrix frame system. Based in Roeselare, the company has long won acclaim as a designer and manufacturer of modular stand solutions and displays. In addition to profile systems made from aluminium it offers a full range of products assortment for modular constructions: panels, fabrics, velcro fasteners, furniture, lighting and more (

Mezzo Systems has come up with a simple way to light up walls. (Photo: Mezzo Systems)
Mezzo Systems has come up with a simple way to light up walls. (Photo: Mezzo Systems)

One of the easiest, and probably cheapest, ways to illuminate walls comes from Mezzo Systems. The Denkendorf-based company has developed a new high-power LED module. Its Premium CREE LEDs have a colour temperature of 7300 K and a power consumption of 22.5 W. What makes them so special is their convenience. “We have made the modules very easy to install in our existing frames,” explains Olaf Krobitzsch, Managing Director of Mezzo Systems. “Simply plug in the modules and screw them down, and your lighting frame is ready to go – without the need for tools,” The simple plug-in system also enables you to connect as many of the 47-centimetre modules as you need. “Theoretically, this allows you to build a never-ending illuminated wall,” says Olaf Krobitzsch.

The light system can also be used vertically, enabling curved illuminated walls. Equipped with nine LED lenses each, the modules provide full and even illumination for print motifs on the walls. Attached to the top and bottom of wall frames, they are bright enough for booth walls with a height of up to 3.50 metres. But easy assembly and dismantling is not the only economic benefit. Olaf Krobitzsch points out further advantages: “The LEDs last almost forever and consume very little electricity. In other words, they are very cost-effective and sustainable to use.” In a nutshell: this simple and user-friendly novelty by Mezzo Systems contributes to green booth construction – a topic that is becoming increasingly important (

Author: Jens Kügler

This article was published in TFI issue 4/2017


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