Stand construction systems: Variety at a low cost

Trade fair organisers and exhibitors are challenging stand builders: Booths need to be built faster and cheaper and stand out from the competition. New construction systems offer solutions.

Aluvision: The company’s latest innovation is a modular stand building kit named QuiXy. (Photo: Aluvision)
Aluvision: The company’s latest innovation is a modular stand building kit named QuiXy. (Photo: Aluvision)

Ingeniously simple or simply ingenious: System manufacturers have revolutionised booth construction. Plus: They keep on reinventing it to this day. Aluvision from Deinze, Belgium, is a case in point. The company’s latest innovation is a modular stand building kit named QuiXy. There's a great idea behind QuiXy. Building a booth should be as easy as toasting bread or frying an egg. Aluvision has already won several awards for its products such as aluminium components, frame systems and light walls. The new QuiXy system is delivered to the customer in a flight case. When the recipient opens the case, a complete exhibition kit is revealed. Walls, tables, display units and more can be assembled from the individual units in just a few simple steps. Storage spaces, cabins, desks, illuminated frames, counters, shelves or frames for monitors can be created just as quickly. 

All of the units are plug and play modules. This means that no tools are required for set-up and dismantling. “QuiXy is a kit that offers lots of options. And as a customer, you can pick the contents of your case to suit your own personal needs,” promises Jan Dumont. “Select any unit from our SketchUp online library. Create your individual QuiXyDesign,” says the COO of Aluvision. Right now, stand builders and exhibitors can choose from 20 different units. But there are more to come. Because the manufacturer is constantly developing the system further. COO Jan Dumont recaps some of its advantages: “QuiXy - represents Aluvision quality and design at its best, and like all our systems, it can be reused as often as you like. So you can make a stunning impression at a trade fair more easily and more often than ever” (

Another new system was created for the corner profiles of printed banners: Syma Xwall 60flex. (Photo: Syma)
Another new system was created for the corner profiles of printed banners: Syma Xwall 60flex. (Photo: Syma)

Syma represents both sides: Based in Kirchberg, Switzerland, the company is both a system developer and a user. “We are in the fortunate position that we not only produce systems but also build exhibition booths. This keeps us in touch with the market,” explains Reto Bosshart, Head of Development at Syma-System AG. He sees textile-covered walls and advertising spaces as a big trend in booth construction. In addition, the market demands ever faster and simpler stand building methods. Reto Bosshart's development team has therefore created a new, improved range of profiles for textile coverings to be used with the company’s successful basic range Syma System 30. The profiles can be retrofitted to existing constructions. They have a narrow groove that fully accommodates the fabric edges. This enables exhibitors to create homogeneous coverings quickly and easily. The construction vanishes completely behind the fabric, which can feature customised graphic prints. Inner and outer corners also become a continuous part of this covering. 

The Swiss have created another new system for the corner profiles of printed banners. Banners are often suspended from hall ceilings and are visible from a distance. This new system is also based on a successful modular construction system. Its name is Syma Xwall 60flex. It can be used not only to cover both sides of the banner with textile elements but also to create inner and outer corners with continuous graphics. “Creating around the corners - this offers new options for design and brand presentations,” says Reto Bosshart. “Moreover, you can fully benefit from the advantages of textile booth constructions.” These being low costs, low weight and minimal storage and transport space. But, above all, flexible construction possibilities with a small number of components (

Author: Jens Kügler

This article was published in TFI issue 4/2019


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